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CANA international

Leaders of CANA International

Gilles & Véronique CORMIER

Gilles and Véronique Cormier have been married for 35 years and have 5 children, almost all of whom have flown from the nest! Committed to the Chemin Neuf Community for 27 years, they have the necessary biblical and ecclesial training over the years and have developed their experience in accompanying young people, engaged couples and married couples. Gilles, who has been previously working in industry for many years, knows how to energise team life and lead projects for which he is full of ideas; Véronique, a “domestic business manager”, looks after the links between the different realities of community, family and mission life.

For the past 8 years they have been serving with CANA International, working full time in the CANA House in Pothières near Lyon, from where they travel to visit, accompany and train the teams in the 50 countries where this beautiful mission is established. In this world of constant and rapid evolution in this field, they lead an international team to renew the pedagogy in order to help couples and families to love each other better.

Secretary of CANA International

Sister Audrey JOLICOEUR

Audrey Jolicoeur, a consecrated sister in the Chemin Neuf Community for 20 years, comes to us from Mauritius! Her time previously spent in the United Kingdom adds to the international dimension of our team, especially in English. She knows how to listen to each person and to the accompaniment of couples in the CANA mission since September 2010. She is the memory of the small beginnings of CANA in France and her artistic sense and organisational skills are a great help for the development of the mission! She does not hesitate to travel around the world and is available for team training.

Extended team

Gilles, Véronique and Audrey are assisted by an extended team, composed of a network of correspondents around the world who work for the smooth running of the CANA mission internationally.